Sunday, 6 February 2011

Massage brings relief for Piriformis Syndrome

Celia's doctor has been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome.  Celia visited me complaining of sore hips and pain in her left buttock, down the back of her leg and an ache in her big toe. These are common symptoms of piriformis syndrome which is usually felt only affects one side. Increased discomfort may be felt when sitting for long periods, climbing stairs or walking uphill.

I worked on the Celia's lateral rotators, which are the muscles around the buttock area. Lateral rotation of the hip was tight and as is common in piriformis syndrome, the tight muscles were restricting the sciatic nerve and causing the pain.  The massage incorporated the lower back and leg.  Celia felt a pleasant kind of pins and needles in her big toe as I released the soft tissue in the hip area.  She remarked that the whole area felt much freer and more comfortable.  By working together, I'm confident that we can help bring relief to Celia's painful condition.

I suggested a few easy exercises including rotation of the hip by circling the upper leg whilst side lying.  I also showed her a helpful stretch: lying on her back, bending one knee with foot on the floor and taking the ankle of the affected leg on to the bent thigh, then by leaning forward and pulling the bent thigh towards her she could achieve a lovely stretch across the buttock.

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