Tuesday, 21 June 2011

sciatic pain

An 80 year old client presented with pain down leg and in hip with difficulty walking.  Her osteopath diagnosed sciatica. MRI showed up slight degeneration of L4/L5. Her GP offered injection which since she was not exactly in agony, she didn't want.  So she thought she might try me.

Sacral, lumber and gluteal area all very tight and massage was causing pins and needles.  I decided to look to the anterior aspect.  By massaging the very tight rectus femoris up into the psoas and hip flexors I was able to loosen off the area with out the unpleasant pins and needles.  She has just phoned to say that her osteopath commented on how much looser the area was and she commented on how his treatment was considerably less painful this visit.  Oh - and the walking is much more comfortable.  This goes to show how successfully osteopathy and deep tissue, sports and remedial massage can work together.

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